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Enter a paradise filled with charming character and gorgeous scenery. Paradise Ranch Senior Assisted Living gives seniors the opportunity to experience country living with great freedom and comfortability. Learn more about our assisted living services and gorgeous ranch home.

Contact us in Kiowa, Colorado, for respectful and personal assisted living services.


Hours of Operation: 24/7


Providing Services to Kiowa, as well as El Paso, Douglas, and Elbert Counties in Colorado

About Us

Experience the country life with the help of Paradise Ranch Senior Assisted Living in Kiowa, Colorado. We are a respectful company that offers special assisted living to seniors. Our small, intimate senior care facility is very family-oriented, and our staff takes pride in providing seniors with the opportunity to enjoy the country lifestyle.


As a family-owned-and-operated ranch, we understand the importance of treating each guest with the respect and courtesy they deserve. We are a working alpaca ranch with miniature donkeys and ponies. Our residents are given proper supervision and care as they enjoy touching livestock and other activities.


In the spring and summer months, our facility has beautiful views of Pike's Peak and grazing alpacas right out of your bedroom window. Paradise Ranch Senior Assisted Living is animal-friendly, and pets are always welcome. The owner is an on-site RN and EMT who loves helping the elderly with their daily activities.


Family-Owned-and-Operated Business

Paradise Ranch Senior Assisted Living

P.O Box 734

Kiowa, CO 80117

Phone number: 303-621-7729


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